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He’s cool and he’s smooth, but all that goes without saying. He’s Damian and sexy bodies are his business. But in order to make sure a model will hold up, sometimes he’s gotta put it to the test! As adult modeling agent Damian finishes a phone call with his partner, a particular photo of a young man catches his eye. It’s a new guy with a cock strong and long, just what Damian likes. After hanging up, Damian strips down and pulls out his own large dick and lets his emotion move him. Soon, he’s fully flared and enjoying his massive erection. He’s gotta make sure his hunch is correct and the new model’s photos can make him erupt with a sizeable load. That means more than simply tugging his hard meat. Damian is taking his time, touching himself where he knows it counts, bringing his temperature to just the right simmer before making a final call on this fresh talent. His chiseled abs and pumped-up physique show how hard Damian works not in the office, but in gym. That’s his motto: work hard, play hard. It would certainly be wise for anyone to take a page from Damian’s book. Join him now and see why it’s important to put in the extra work.

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Andre, Leandro And Martino

Andre, Leandro And Martino wild black sex pictures

Three beefy black studs on the couch swapping spit and stripping down, the blonde haired guy works on his buddies joystick while the other stud muffin jerks his knob, then the blonde hair young brother works the other dude bone before getting on all fours and getting fucked hard while sucking his buddies thick pecker. Andre Ferreria, Leandro Cruz, and Martino Paiva, from Black Drillers, scene 5

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Card Decks & Hard Dicks – Bam Bam & Osiris Blade & Dylan Henri

It’s a good thing Osiris Blade is always prepared for friends to drop by. On this occasion, his good buddies, Bam Bam and Dylan Henri happened to show up to hang out. Osiris pulls out a deck of cards to inspire a playful attitude and enjoy some friendly, competitive fun. Instead of playing a boring game of Old Maid, Osiris tells the guys that the game they’ll be playing is a version of the classic favorite, Strip Poker! Bam and Dylan don’t protest, and before long, Bam is pulling his pants down to expose to his friends his large, swelling cock. When Bam loses yet again in the next round of play, he finds himself with Dylan’s big dick in his mouth. That’s the way it goes at Osiris’s house…it’s all or nothing! After Bam Bam gets a taste of both hard cocks, Osiris lets Dylan slide his fat erection in and out of his mouth, while Bam Bam works on Osiris’s boner. From there, they switch things up so Dylan can enjoy a taste of Osiris’s tight hole as Bam Bam gets a turn having his dick sucked. This gets the trio juiced up for some fucking, so, being a gracious host, Osiris takes Bam Bam’s thick cock in his eager ass. Dylan and Bam Bam kiss passionately as Osiris takes a good banging. Then Dylan gets in there and slams that sweet hole for a while too. Bam Bam likes this and offers up his own tight pocket. Dylan takes advantage and pounds him for a while. This is an adventure that must be experienced to be believed! Join these three as their simple card game turns into a fuck fest where everyone gets a piece of ace!

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Military Dorm

Military Dorm wild black sex pictures

Two horny soldiers eye on a hot rookie who is just transferred to the military base. These hot soldiers order the newbie to their room, encourage him to suck their huge cocks and take turn taking advantage on that smooth hole. Just a couple days on the duty, the rookie has become their boss’ bitch and he seems to love it! Military Dorm, scene 1 featuring Alef Carvalho, Rodrigo Bekmann, Romulo Santos

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Erico, Fabiam And Joam

Erico, Fabiam And Joam wild black sex pictures

Enrico is approached by Fabiam and Joam on his way back from work. Enrico initially is invited for some after work drinks, but Fabiam and Joam have a better plan for him. Drinks after drink, Enrico starts to get tipsy and of course horny. These two boys pick up the sign so they start to make Enrico their bitch. While Enrico’s mouth is fed with Joam’s dick, his ass is plowed by Fabiam’s huge pecker. These two horny boys really know how to use that tight ass. They just switch positions and keep fucking Enrico until this poor str8 boy can’t hold it any longer and has to explode his cream all over himself before using his face as a landing area for our brutal tops’ jizz.

Erico, Fabiam and Joam, from Deep Attack, scene 3

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Rub Me Tender – Nubius & Leander

Leander is a rub-down aficionado. He’s been to all the massage parlors in town and he’s heard that Nubius’s Nook is the best. Now he’s stripping down, just after meeting proprietor Nubius, and preparing for what he’s heard should be the rub of his life. When Nubius enters and begins lathering up his strong hands, Leander feels his cock swelling. As Nubius kneads and manipulates the tight spots, Leander becomes extremely aroused. Soon, Nubius’s crotch area is right in Leander’s face. Leander doesn’t wait for any more signal than this. He’s too hungry for firm dick. He pulls down the elastic on Nubius’s shorts and lets that huge cock pop right out in his face. Leander sucks and Nubius works his fingers around Leander’s tight, eager hole. After some good sucking from Leander, Nubius moves around to Leander’s back side and has a taste of that wonderful ass. This, as Nubius knows, is perfect prep for that sweet hole to accept fat, swollen cock. Nubius takes full advantage and inserts his pulsating dong into his client’s inviting butt. Join these two as Leander discovers his favorite new massage spot and Nubius enjoys an awesome day at work.

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Taut Leather – Osiris Blade & Caleb King

Here’s a wicked tale of sex, leather, and explosive passion. Caleb King has given himself to be toyed with at the mercy of Osiris Blade, dungeon master. Caleb loves to be harshly treated, bound by restrictive clothing, and of course, fucked in the ass very, very hard. These are all things at which Osiris Blade is quite adept. Caleb knows Blade’s reputation and is prepared for a good, solid pounding. They start by kidding hard and with intensity. Soon Caleb is sucking Osiris’s stiff cock, hoping to please the dungeon master. Although the erection is massive, Caleb knows he must do everything in his power to give Osiris pleasure. He takes the enormous dick good and deep down his throat. Osiris is indeed pleased by this and so he reciprocates, slurping on Caleb’s large member. Caleb likes this very much. Next, Osiris is unzipping Caleb’s pants to expose his tight asshole. He licks and flicks his tongue around the eager hole, teasing it. It’s not long before Osiris is sliding his fat, pulsating cock into Caleb’s tender ass. Join this sadistic pair as they don’t hold anything back, fucking hard in this gritty, dungeon dick-down.

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Fringe Benefits – Dylan Henri & Leander

When Leander interviewed for the position with Dylan Henri’s home restoration company, he got the feeling there might be more to the job than met the eye. Sure enough, he was right. It turns out Dylan Henri is a sex-hungry deviant who takes advantage of his employees…and Leander likes it!Mr. Henri routinely has showed up on job sites not only to make sure Leander isn’t fucking around on his phone, but also to get his big cock sucked. On this occasion, Mr. Henri finds Leander slacking hard. That’s call for some serious repercussion, so Mr. Henri has Leander get up on a ladder so his pants may be pulled down enough for Mr. Henri to access his ass. Once in position, Mr. Henri licks Leander’s sweet, tight hole. Leander doesn’t let on, but he actually enjoys this brand of punishment.Next, Mr. Henri sucks Leander’s firm dick. Now THIS does feel good to Leander, very good. Then Leander returns the favor and slurps down his boss’s fat cock for a while. From there, the two engage in some passionate, on-the-job kissing and nude, full-body grinding. This leads right into full-on, boss-on-employee ass fucking. That’s right, Leander is happy to take Mr. Henri large, erect cock deep. And boy, Mr. Henri is really letting him have it! Maybe Leander will learn his lesson…if he wants to be pounded nice and hard, be sure to slack off!

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Akira Jyn – Akira Jyn

This is Akira Jyn. He’s a very muscular guy with an incredible smile. Today, he’s all alone at the job site, getting ready to paint the interior of an apartment. As he prepares, he finds a dirty magazine underneath a table. Since no one’s around, Akira does what he always does when he finds himself alone at work, he pulls out his fat cock and has some fun! Join Akira as he starts the job off by releasing some tension. Check out his incredible arms as he pumps that hard dick until it explodes in ecstasy. Just don’t tell the foreman!

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Can He Take That Massive Cock?

It’s hard to believe that any ass could take that massively thick back joystick, but after sucking on that big tool he shows his hole is just as greedy for it. Crammed into his ass and stretching him wide he takes that length and jerks himself off, being fucked deep in some great positions until the two suck on each other and stroke out their messy thick loads!

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Fancisco, Josue, Manuel

Fancisco, Josue, Manuel wild black sex pictures

We love military guy2 and so do you! This nasty update includes three hunky military studs that are bored on base. When they are refused a pass to go into town they decide to have their own party in the barracks. This party become naked and throbbing within a few heart beats, with the other bloke out all night in the city they have plenty of time to make this threesome into a spooge explosive good time.

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Wishes Cum True – Ramsees & King B & Staxx

Everyone knows that when it’s King B’s birthday, there’s gonna be a party! King decided to chill with his friends, Ramses and Staxx this year on his special day. They’ve been waiting for this all year. When King asks them what gifts they have for him, he gets a mouthful of fat cock! King starts out by switching back and forth between Ramses’s and Staxx’s swelling dicks. The guys make both at once a little more accessible by standing up and presenting their hard boners to King while he stays on his knees. Boy does King take advantage of his birthday! He crams both big cocks into his mouth at once and enjoys them thoroughly. Staxx decides to move around back to get a nice taste of King’s ass. He licks his hole while King continues slurping back on Ramses’s stiff meat. It’s not long before Ramses is slamming King’s sweet hole, just how he knows he likes it. After all, it is King’s special day! The guys soon switch things around so Staxx can pound the birthday boy. He fucks him good while Ramses enjoys King’s tongue in his ass. It’s a very special with come true for King on his birthday. Now these are what I call good friends! Disclaimer: King B was a wonderful performer and beloved by his many fans. Originally released shortly after his death, this scene was removed out of respect for him and his loved ones. After careful consideration, we believe he would have wanted his work to eventually be made available to his fans. And so, we’ve decided to re-release it. King B you will be missed. May you rest in peace.

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