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Thug Studs 1

ThugNation is a series of hot black and blatino studs who gather for a night together, each taking their turn having a wank, all solo for these str8 dudes but we are lucky enough to get an eye into this down-low nite. Watch the full hardcore video at Thug Vids!

CoCo Cherry 2: Ass Assasination

CoCo Cherry "CJ" is back and hotter than ever in this Hard Core, Double Penetration fuck video! We held nothing back! We shot this vid over two years ago. We hung onto it because at the time we thought it might be too shocking for some, lol. But know that we know ya’ll are nasty

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Thug Orgy 6

Throw five horny brothas together on a hot day. Director Edward James hooks up five hard-dicked dudes and let`s `em go at it good. Some are tops, some are bottom butt boys, and some just like dick in any hole… Hot`n sweaty, and thug dick drillin` satisfaction and ejaculation! A good nasty time was had

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Take Em Down

The best thug porn in the world! This delicious fuckfest features the sensationally sexy Tiger Tyson who manhandles newcomers Supreme and Lex. This cock throbbing gangsta-ass porn will have all of you yearning to get taken down with your dicks in hand by Tiger and his posse of horny thug boys.

Thugporn Hazing

Trappboy leads the thugz who want to join this tough frat house in an initiation that leaves them sticky, hazed and dicked! Granting no quarter, everyone knows this is the toughest initiation on campus and only the bravest young thugz are willing to take their chances! They passed the SATS but can they pass the

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