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Castro The Impaler

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I met up with Alejandro who is in town for a bit visiting his parents. We met up in the afternoon and his went back to his parents place since they were at work. We set up shop out by his pool and introduced him to Castro’s cock which we warmed up to pretty quickly and began sucking the shit out of it. The two of them fucked like crazy and sweat their asses off in the hot sun. Alejandro couldn’t take it towards the end begged for Castro’s hot nut.

Architect’s Dream

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Today we have an architect that loves to design BIG buildings. Until today he has yet to experience what he likes to call the "biggest building ever". By the looks of his face and Castro’s cock, he definitely seems really intimidated by the size of his structure, lol. Starting off with some great dick sucking, he almost looks at it as his first and last challenge, like King Kong ain’t got nothing on me after this! He takes Castro’s cock like a fucking champ, whether it’s in his throat or his tight fucking ass, and says this is the most monumental thing that has ever happened to him. ANY TIME, BUDDY!

Thug Boy 13: You Want The Pipe

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Dejuan drops by Chase Carter’s construction site and wondering wtf he still gotta work on, and Chase let a brotha know he wanna work on dat ass with his monster drill. Dick Dejuan down real good til that ass explodes. Dejuan loves the taste of that dick takin that dick in real deep and once Chase is ready to fuck that ass he ain’t lettin go til he busts a fat nut all over Dejuan’s ass and back. Manny Baby looking at some porn in the yard just chilling when date Hotrod comes walking in on a brotha. The two make a hasty retreat to tha kitchen for some big phat dick sucking and fucking. Hotrod makes dat shit all tasty, bathing his pipe in some chocolate and Manny Baby is just to eager to suck that piece clean. Then Hotrod turns that cute ass inside out, nailing Manny Baby to the floor and fucking the ever loving shit outta him on the counter. These brothas be knocking everything over in their quest for the nut and they ain’t stopping til they git it! Meko is trying to hit up Domino for a ride to da club but Domino is already in bed. There’s only one way to wake Domino up and that’s by getting his dick hard and having him bust a nut. By the time Domino eats Meko’s ass and gets his legs up in the air he’s saying shit like he isn’t sure if he can take all that pipe but he knows if he wants that ride he better. Domino is straight up loving date tight ass and there’s no way he’s letting Meko run from his big dick til he shoots. Jason Tiya in the house, hanging out trying to take a nap n shit, but Tray be like wudeva and knocks the door down cuz he in need to git his nut off. Jason be sucking date dick like it’s candy. Tray gets up in dem cakes once his pipe is ready from the face fucking. Tray turns date ass out real good, slamming the shit outta Jason. Tray just keeps going on like date bunny wit em batteries n shit ya heard!

Latin Love On A Huge Dick

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This week on we got this guy Ram Soto. He is a Mexican Puerto Rican who love sucking dick. This guy was scared because not only was this his first interracial scene but it was his first giant dick. As mind blowing as Izzy dick seemed… Ram had no problem cramming this huge dick in his ass and all the way down his throat! Goodtimes.

Mature Stud Sucks His Ebony Cleaner’s Penis

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This sexy mature dude gets home to find that his ebony cleaner is still working. He has never paid much attention to the cleaner before, but this stud must be a replacement – he doesn’t remember him being so good-looking! It’s a young black dude, extremely well built and the mature man can see his package swinging freely in his pants. He can’t resist getting down in front of his cleaner and sucking him off. He worships that thick dark member, loving that black pecker in his mouth. Then he bends over and takes it doggy style from his cleaner, who sodomises him hard and rough, making him squeal. They jerk off next to one another at the end.

Ryan Starr

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I gotta be honest, I’m a bit nervous about being here. After all, this gloryhole is disgusting and who knows what’s been done in here. However, the dirty movies playing has these hot studs sucking and fucking so while nobody’s watching……I might as well rub one out real quickly. Oh wow, do you see that big black dick poking through the hole in the wall? That fucking thing is huge! I don’t know if I could even wrap my lips around it let alone deepthroat it. I want to give it a try so here goes nothing. Yummy, it tastes just like candy but let’s see if rubbing our dicks together takes this party up a level. I wonder if the guy behind the wall is muscular or if he even knows a gay guy is sucking him off. Let’s have this be our little secret but not before we spill some more cum all over this place.

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When she’s not slashing her wrists she’s getting enough money to send home to her broke boyfriend and semi-retarded child. How is she getting that moolah? Well, I can tell you it isn’t by performing brain surgery or solving equations. She gets that scratch by sucking and fucking, daily and nightly, chicks and dicks while the camera rolls. I didn’t care that much if she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch but her blowjob skills more than made up for it. I made my dynasty by being the biggest and best dealer in the world and she’s building her family trailer by keeping her nose close to where I make my morning glory. Last I heard this cunt was acting like a primadonna and thinking her shit don’t stink. I’m gonna have to find and humble her like all the other girls on this site. I’m just not going to jack off for a week so the musky smell of my DNA deposit makes her toss her cookies. It looks like Cleveland does not , in fact, rock.

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Boi Toy

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I can’t believe I gathered the courage to visit this shady place. I should be at home servicing my boyfriend after a hard day’s work but temptation was too strong. The gay life is a glamourous one since the chance for sucking and fucking is there most of the time. Tonight was no different in that thei adult book store had a video viewing booth. I could’t wait to empty my dick after emptying my wallet in the change slot. The xxx gay movie playing was showing some muscular studs going at it and that made me hard in less than a second. I was only planning on beating off when a black dick made my acquaintance. I should have ran out and called the cops but that would have been a boner killer. Instead, like a good cocksucker, I got my knees dirty coating his big black dick with whatever spit I had left. I could only imagine what the beefcake behind the wall looked like as I jerked my cock as sucking his. I could have gone on forever bt my boyfriend was waiting at home with dinner so it was time to get this black baseball bat to cum. I’m such a little slut for black jizz and that’s exaclty what I got.

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Mark Galfione

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Being a hung black meat slinger has its advantages. All the girls in my hood want me to take it out and fuck with them but I ain’t down with it. Nothing gets me going like tiny white boys who I can split in half should my black cock find its way up their asses. Part of the reason I love the local gay gloryhole is I can keep anonymous while my nuts end up in some white dude’s mouth. I made my way there and heard some honky jacking his meat and it was confirmed when I peeked through the hole in the wall. I figured he could use some company so I stuck my dick in hoping he wouldn’t run like a bitch. My fears were erased when I felt his warm, little hands wrap around my dick followed by a warm, moist mouth that had trouble taking all of me in. I was afraid I’d snap his jaw but I’d let whitey be in control for once. He kept sucking until I was ready to dirty him up with some black nut sauce. I hope he cleaned up before leaving or he’d have a huge target on him for other black guys.
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SebastianBlaze live black studs pictures
Hey everyone! welcome to my show, I love to dance in sexy clothes and do strip tease! There will be alot of ass popping, booty bouncing, and DICK stroking! I am a gymnast, tucks, handsprings, stretches, I am a shooter, and i also have expertise ass shaking abilities I love dirty Talk, I to be rimmed and then fucked really hard. Teeth, being dominated, sucking anywhere, confident men and money.

Hot Gay Interracial Shaft Sucking

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I think there comes a time in every gay man’s life that makes then crave chocolate cock. Vic Ebony is more than happy to show Dominic his dickhead. I swear it was like this stud was getting a Christmas gift or something. His eyes lit up, and he just dove on that shlong like it was the last cock on earth. I loved how he laid kind of sideways so I could see him stroking his meatstick with every up and down motion of his head – very nifty position, that one. Although the wang sucking was my favorite part, he also rides on that wang gayporn like a champion.

White Stud’s Got A Craving For Hot Cocoa

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After seeing what this hot dark stud has to offer, who could blame this white guy for diving right into that ass? He starts to eat his asshole, drooling all over it and getting it nice and juicy. Then the sexy ebony man plants his lips in between the other dude’s legs, sucking his tool stiff and preparing him to bang his firm ebony anus. He grabs him by the hips and slams him deep while he jerks off. Then he lays on his side and plows his way even deeper in between his anus cheeks. The ebony guy then sits on top of the white man’s pierced rod, riding him roughly before laying down to receive his hot load all over his face and chest.