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Six Dick Fuck Down

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This is yet another hardcore interracial ass blasting gangbang for the record books! We gathered up a bunch of hot, hung, and horny boys – tops and bottoms – and let nature take its course. It just so happened to be Danny’s birthday and his wish was to get pounded by as many fat cocks as we could arrange. We also did what I believe to be a video first: we got all the guys lined-up and rimming each other’s holes in a conga line formation!

Hangin’ Wit Da Homies

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Hangin’ Wit Da Homies is a collection of scenes featuring some of the most hardcore fucking. These tops slay their bottoms’ ass until they cant take it any longer. Giant cocks entering hungry holes. This anal is hot and the dicks are heavy. These guys will never be the same and theyre happy about it!

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What happens when a straight Middle Eastern stud gives guys a shot for the first time? Well give you a hintit ends with two massive cum explosions! Watch as Kamzouze whips out his big, thick and uncut cock to be serviced by Yuke who cant wait to get his lips all over it. After that, they indulge in hardcore fuck that they definitely wont forget!

Making the Cut – Nubius & Draven Torres & JP Richards

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JP Richards is the coolest DJ at the hottest all male strip club in town. Auditions for the week have come down to two individuals: Draven Torres and Nubius. Both have the moves, the look, and the attitude. But who will JP choose?! Nubius starts off the audition with some blazing hot moves he’s been working on lately. He’s not afraid to show JP everything he’s got. When JP’s seen enough, he calls Draven up to the practice stage. Draven also has firing dance skills! The only way JP can settle this is by experiencing both guys at the same time. That means taking each of their dicks at the same time. JP joins them on the small stage and allows Nubius to face fuck him, while Draven pounds JP’s ass on the other side. After this hot action, the decision is even MORE difficult to make! See what happens when all three hotties end up on stage at the real club the next night! You won’t believe the intense, hardcore sex that winds up being put on display!

Fairy Tales Come True.

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Today we have a newbie named DJ who said he doesn’t believe in fairy tales and dragons and shit. So I ask him a few questions like what is the biggest he has every had, you know typical shit, he told me 8 or 9. So I laughed when I told he about the size of Castro’s unit and he seemed pretty nervous about the whole event. I told him its like a good fairy tale that has a GREAT ending. As soon as Castro pulls out his hook and totally puts on a fucking show worth a crowd applause. Castro shows him how myths and fairy tales are so fucking true when he unleashes his dragon with a hardcore fucking pounding, boom boom all in his fucking face..

Big Dick Penetrates The Country Boy

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Wassup Guys?? Today we bring you a sweet little boy from the Country side. He saw our ad in the paper and decided to come make some quick and what he taught would be easy money. Man was he wrong hahahahahahaaaa…… Izzy revealed the monster and this kid’s whole attitude changed, he was scared but he got to work right away and started to suck well tried to suck the dick but it was not fitting in his mouth. After a couple of hardcore gags we get to the drilling.. This has to be the most painful episode on this site I mean this guy was screaming at the top of his lungs. But I’ll let you see for yourself. Come watch Izzy drill this little sexy man and watch him squirm!

Jumbo Pecker Gay Couple in Interracial

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Sky Fairmount and Diamond Prince are sporting some remarkably impressive manhoods, and they’re going to be mixing their chocolate and vanilla together in a great combination. Sky wants to be on the bottom, but not quite in the way that you are expecting. Instead he’s letting Diamond ride that manhood, spreading out his legs and slaming up with as much strength as he can muster. Diamond is grabbing his shaft and stroking it while he’s riding that big white tool, waiting until he’s about to explode to let it go like a hardcore snake.

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With his long hair tied back in a ponytail, this slender dark guy looks like he must have sucked a few dicks in prison. Perhaps he was even a tranny in a past life! However, in this vid he is quite dominant over his submissive, shaven headed white guy. There’s hot cocksucking both ways at the beginning of the flick, and both men have got some massive, healthy looking meat. Then the white chap bends over on the edge of the bed, sticking out his pallid butt for an booty reaming. He squeals as the jumbo dark pecker stretches his sphincter with virtually no lube; the black dude just spits on the ring piece. This is some hardcore interracial backdoor!