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Just Popping In – Brandon Jones & Marlone Starr

Just Popping In   Brandon Jones & Marlone Starr wild black sex pictures

This is an awesome story about a guy named Marlone Star. Marlone was chillin’ at home one afternoon on his birthday. He had assumed all of his friends had forgotten it was his birthday, because he hadn’t received ANY calls and NO happy beeday wishes on Facebook (he didn’t have his birthday information entered). But to his chagrin, he received an anonymous call from someone, only identifying himself as ‘an old friend.’ The voice told him a gift was on its way. Before he could even thank the person and hang up the phone, there was a rapping at his door. Marlone opened it to find a super-hot guy named Brandon Jones on the other side. Marlone knew Brandon was the gift. Brandon followed Marlone inside (Marlone backed back in) and then pushed Marlone back down onto his couch. Brandon sang a few bars of the birthday song as he slowly pulled his jeans down, revealing his plump, fuckable rear end. Marlone didn’t waste time diving right into his present. First, the guys kissed for a while, as Marlone squeezed those luscious butt cheeks. Then, Brandon pulled out Marlone raging hard on and sucked on it. Brandon took the hard cock very deep, way down into his throat. ‘What a wonderful birthday gift!’ Marlone thought to himself as Brandon gagged on his stiffy. Next, Marlone spent some time slurping deeply on Brandon’s big dick. Marlone enjoy how it felt in his mouth. Then, Marlone bent Brandon over the arm of his couch, slid his cock into Brandon’s ass, and pounded away. He knew it was ok to fuck him as hard as he wanted, because it was HIS birthday, and that’s how you fuck a deliciously got stranger on your birthday. After that, the two heated things up even more. Join this party-for-two as the handsome Marlone makes the most of his special day and his gift from an anonymous ‘old friend.’

Bareback Jack

Bareback Jack gay interracial videos pictures

So, this is Jack Thermann. Jack is a pretty boy with a huge dick. He loves to fuck ass. He’s a bit of a voyeur, so when he came over he wanted to be outside while I sucked his cock. He totally split me open with that huge white cock he has. So much dick I wasn’t sure what to do with it all!

Puerto Rican Pound Puppy

Puerto Rican Pound Puppy gay interracial videos pictures

Hey guys, get ready for a hot and nasty winner of a fuck video! After making this video with our friend Dougie, we discovered that we have a new found lust for Puerto Rican guys. We had been talking and corresponding with Dougie for about a year and the entire time I kept thinking that this guy seems so straight. With his tats and tight, lean, ripped body and street-smart attitude, he just reeked of straight boy. But much to our delight he’s not straight at all, in fact, he loves to get fucked. Dougie makes no bones about it, saying things like, "Man, you better fuck me good or Im outta here." We love that Dougie is so straight forward. He’s also a great kisser and best of all he loves hard and rough man sex. Dougie’s head skills are so amazing that I thought Hunter was going to pass out. He has this little tongue piercing that tickled the underside of Hunter’s cock so much that Hunter was howling like a beast in ecstasy. Feel free to leave some love for our PR pound pup and tell him to come back to do another video with us.

Straight Arab Suck A Gay Dick

Straight Arab Suck A Gay Dick gay interracial videos pictures

What happens when a straight Middle Eastern stud gives guys a shot for the first time? Well give you a hintit ends with two massive cum explosions! Watch as Kamzouze whips out his big, thick and uncut cock to be serviced by Yuke who cant wait to get his lips all over it. After that, they indulge in hardcore fuck that they definitely wont forget!

Feed And Breed 3: Urban Freaks

Feed And Breed 3: Urban Freaks gay black thugs pictures

These young, hung and horny urban boys are freaky and always down to fuckdeep, hard and completely raw! Whether its a spontaneous fuck while painting or a wild session after the club, it doesnt matter the time or place to get down. Raw Rods Productions brings you FOUR scenes of scorching bareback sex that you dont want to miss!

Making the Cut – Nubius & Draven Torres & JP Richards

Making the Cut   Nubius & Draven Torres & JP Richards wild black sex pictures
JP Richards is the coolest DJ at the hottest all male strip club in town. Auditions for the week have come down to two individuals: Draven Torres and Nubius. Both have the moves, the look, and the attitude. But who will JP choose?! Nubius starts off the audition with some blazing hot moves he’s been working on lately. He’s not afraid to show JP everything he’s got. When JP’s seen enough, he calls Draven up to the practice stage. Draven also has firing dance skills! The only way JP can settle this is by experiencing both guys at the same time. That means taking each of their dicks at the same time. JP joins them on the small stage and allows Nubius to face fuck him, while Draven pounds JP’s ass on the other side. After this hot action, the decision is even MORE difficult to make! See what happens when all three hotties end up on stage at the real club the next night! You won’t believe the intense, hardcore sex that winds up being put on display!

Return Of The Rock

Return Of The Rock gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

Hey people this weeks It’s gonna Hurt update is the tits. We had this jacked diesel broski named Rock return for his second time here on its gonna hurt. Last time he was here he had the pleasure of getting his asshole ripped open by Castro. This time he fucks Izzy and my friends its not pretty and I think he had to leave the shoot wearing a depends cause his shit got pushed the fuck in! Watch and drool!

Right In The Ass

Right In The Ass gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures
I tried to play a game with our guy today and made him a pretty sweet deal. We had these darts here so I tell him if he can hit the bulls eye, we’ll pay him and he doesn’t have to get his little asshole stretched out by Izzy today. Of course, he says fuck yea let’s do it, but he missed…HAHAHAA… He took his lost like a man and got ready to get pounded away although his hands were shaking like crazy. This guy was a pretty cool guy so I was kind of rooting for him to survive through this massive dick just drilling through him… And he did but it hurt like hell!!! Anyway guys take a look at this guy who by the way has a pretty bad ass looking body and can take 14 INCH DICK.

Big Black Dick For White Guy!

Big Black Dick For White Guy! gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures
Hello itsgonnahurt fans. This week we brought in this cat Parker Wright. Parker might have been the wrong guy for the job though. He was scared, frazzled and everything you don”t wanna be going into a shoot like this. He managed to squeal his way through the pain with plenty of breaks and ended up with a hot juicy load on his face after his savage asshole pounding. After all the sites not called its gonna be fun. This is and we don’t fuck around here! Later bitches!

Naked Kombat: Scott Alexander Vs Jeremy Tyler

Naked Kombat: Scott Alexander Vs Jeremy Tyler gay interracial videos pictures

Newcomer Scott Alexander has boxing, kickboxing and wrestling experience. He is going to take down his opponent hard and then fuck him with his big, black dick. Jeremy Tyler, also a rookie to NK but he’s not a rookie to fighting. He wrestles competitively and he will do everything he can to avoid getting fucked. He will rely on his wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitzu training to save his tight, white ass. Two big-dicked muscle men fight for total dominance in a brutal match that ends with a hard fuck and the biggest cum shot in NK history.

Gangster Pounding

Gangster Pounding gay black thugs pictures

On Sept 19th, 2009 Benny G met with his Parole Officer wearing sunglasses, and chewing gum. Officer Thompson is a one mean fucker, and had zero tolerance for thugs like this. After a pat down, and an unwarranted anal cavity search, the Officer decided to take things even further, bending the gangster over and shoving in his big Parole Officer cock. Benny G was a street thug and a convicted felon. The Officers took no pity on this former gang banger. Pinning him down on the ground and ordering him to crawl over to Officers Johnson dick. Then as he asked for mercy, they continued to face fuck him. They ended the meeting with Benny on the couch, legs spread open and Officer Johnson unloading onto the thugs hole. Officer Johnson loved to take advantage of Mendoza, a poor, big dick Mexican immigrant on parole for a minor possession charge. Johnson told Benny G, a dumb ass wanna be gangster to fuck my immigrant otherwise he was going back to prison.

Antonio Biaggi Vs. Lito Cruz

Antonio Biaggi Vs. Lito Cruz gay interracial videos pictures

In a fresh XXX experiment, we are taking two of the industries biggest raw papi’s Antonio Biaggi and Lito Cruz, and putting a selection of Their best action side by side, in split screen and one after and on after another. It’s virtual mash-up/ fuck match featuring two of the most electrifying big dick Latino tops in the world of raw porn. Bit dick bare bareback action from start to finish here!