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Raw In My Ass

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7 stars in 4 scenes of raw anal fucking. Kobra X and Lil Papi bring the fire in this one. Its too hot to explain, but its everything you want from these two and in every position one of the hottest raw scenes of the year. Kobra and Kannon have finally met and things are about to get extremely hot!! Kobra takes Kannon’s ass however he wants it. Kannon gives it up in every way and position. This is a must WATCH!! Slim meets up with Kasey and gets deep in his ass, pounding Kasey out in every position he can get him. He pulls out in time to shoot his load over Kasey’s whole body.

Raw Behavior

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Kacorot is sliding his huge thick tool inside Hans von Fersen and this lil slut definitely knows how to work on Kacorot’s monster as he fucks him on a sofa in different positions. At the end he releases his load in bottom’s mouth and Hans cleans his dick until the last drop. Mr. Marky known as a breeding machine and every bottom should be aware of it, is here again, this time pumping his seed inside Robby Mendez. Yes, his sweet ass gets a nut from that dick everybody dreams of. Always horny Marky and always ready to breed. This is the one you want to see. Rocket is taking control over Mikey’s ass and making sure he gets his nut. Rocket fucks him every which way and finishes this fuck fest by spraying his seed inside bottom and all over his cum hole. We are also going international. Everybody knows that many Brazilians are hot with monster dicks in their pants. I got two hot Brazilian guys Xande and Zuba in another breeding scene for your. Xande fucks Zuba with his huge raw dick and nuts deep in slutty bottom’s ass, oozing out as bottom pushes it out. In a future I want to bring you more scenes from Brazil so i hope you’ll like this one at the beginning. Deep Dicc is at it again, deep breeding a hot bottom like he loves to do. This time it’s Lil’ Papi that gets Deeps’ extra large load and at the end you will see just how big that load is as Papi pushes it out. There is an amazing shot on Deep Dicc’ throbbing monster while he is releasing. Another hot creampie you don’t want to miss!

Training Gio: How To Fuck An Italian Stallion

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Soooooooo here is a fuck-video extraordinaire! We are so happy to finally introduce our sweet Italian boy, Gio – a 19-year old, lean and mean Italian boy-butt machine! This cutie has one of the hottest virgin asses we have had the pleasure of popping, and boy did we pop it! Gio contacted us and offered up his V-card a while back and we happily took him up on his sweet offer. He s been a long-time fan and has developed a taste for all things Maverick. He loves sweaty jock straps, dirty talk, eating man ass, and best of all; he loves the idea of being dominated. When I asked him what he wanted to do the most, he told us that for years he would watch our videos and dream about having sex with us. He would stroke and stroke to us every day and night and was so excited to make his fantasies become reality. We were both blown away (and flattered) by his candor. But I had to ask him again, “What would you like to try first” and without hesitation he said, “GET FUCKED and kissing” My heart melted as my cock got hard. Hunter raised an eyebrow in delight and grinned big. Since he was a TRUE VIRGIN (never even sucked a dick!), we had to train him on everything from soup to nuts. He slipped right into being very submissive as we taught him how to give head, eat ass, even kiss, and eventually how to get fucked and take it like a man. As you’ll see, Gio was a fast learner and an amazing kisser. The boy loved kissing and sucking our tongues and lips as we each took turns fucking his cherry ass. One of the hottest moments in this video is when I pull my cock out of his sweet butt and blow my thick creamy load all over his tongue and lips. I then lean down and suck and kiss the cum from his mouth, then Hunter saw it and jumped right in on that wet sticky situation. It’s a not-to-be-missed moment!

A Monster Inside Me

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Raw Fuck Club’s latest bareback movie features some of the biggest cocks ever caught on tape. Watch these bottoms take monster cocks up their raw ass holes and scream of twisted pleasure. This is one of those “you’ve got to see it to believe it” movies, and trust us, you have got to see it!

Tough Lads

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They`re not your tender loving type. It`s really obvious that these horny Euro stud types like each other…they like each other`s waiting mouth, and available ass. It`s about the raw, animalistic sex, dude. Find `em, fuck `em, forget `em! There`s always more prey available. Meantime, get to it and suck `n fuck his lights out! He wants it back…make an impression he won`t soon forget.

Supreme Super Sized

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When you watch The Cocksman in action its hard to believe that anyone has a dick that big, or that lethal! Supreme takes down fresh young CJ, a fan of Supreme, whose dream of finally being fucked by his huge dick comes true! When Supreme ravages Sylks tight, firm ass, opening it wider than ever before, you can see the struggle on Sylks face as he does his best to take 11-inches! Four more willing bottom bois fall under the master’s spell for a movie that definitely shows why Supreme is The Cocksman!

Punish Fucking Some Latino Boy Pussy

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In this crazy Miami video, we found a sexy, tight Latin boy to fuck. It was a nice night, we were chilling and chatting on the balcony, when a freak rain storm blew in. So we had to stay in, to weather the storm. We kept ourselves occupied with some serious aggressive man on man action. Oh yes, we fucked this boy all night long. He has a small tight little hard body with a round Latino ass, and he may look small but he can take an ass beating. Man o’ man did we fuck the shit out of this little hottie. He had a deep voice and was kinda rough around the edges. His machismo side came out when he first came to meet us, then we showed him what it’s like to get dicked down by 2 heavy hitters. When we started pounding his ass, this macho boys screams and moans were sick HOT, as we fucked him both with condoms and bareback. His moaning and whimpering sounds are enough to make you shoot even with your eyes closed. Thanks for stroking with us. -Cole and Hunter

Take Em Down

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The best thug porn in the world! This delicious fuckfest features the sensationally sexy Tiger Tyson who manhandles newcomers Supreme and Lex. This cock throbbing gangsta-ass porn will have all of you yearning to get taken down with your dicks in hand by Tiger and his posse of horny thug boys.

Raw Mix Up

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On this go round we are let the fans pick the scenes. Hardcore fucking done Rockafellaz style. Ass pounding to its limits. Watch as these gangstaz of porn dig deep and bust some of the fattest nuts. Ricky D. Rockafella is stepping up with a big ass dick but gets the script flipped as he bends over to get plowed by K. Fierce, another big dick on the set. So get ready because Rockafellaz is doing it againand this one is for our fans!

Fist Frenzy

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Furred David Novak gets one wet kiss from the hot muscled and tattooed Amerifist and then they get right to business. The dominating and naked Amerifist briefly makes out with Nicolas Torri, the slim muscled hunk in a jock strap. GermanFistRider is adorned is his gas mask, red jock and combat boots holding his legs far above his head and giving Amerifist a clear look at his pale ass and insatiable hole. After making out, Amerifist begins to remove Hayden1970’s pants and massage his hole with his latex gloved hands. Amerifist leaves Hayden’s clothes on, bends him over a table and begins fingering and spreading this eager subject’s sphincter.