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Checkmates – Tommy Deluca & Trent King

When Tommy Deluca invites his friend Trent King over for a game of chess, he’s looking for more than just a friendly game. He’s had his eye on Trent for a few weeks, ever since they met in the park. He thinks he’s been noticing vibes from Trent, but isn’t totally sure. Tommy figures there’s no harming in making a move. It’s not long into the chess match before Tommy notices Trent is rubbing something underneath his workout pants. It appears to be an absolutely enormous erection. Tommy plays along, rubbing on his own growing boner. When their eyes lock, Tommy knows it’s on. They stand up, move toward each other and passionately kiss. They peel their shirts off, then Tommy goes right down for a taste of Trent’s gigantic cock. Wow, Tommy can barely believe the size of it! Nonetheless, he wraps his mouth around it and takes it as deeply as possible. Then it’s Trent’s turn, as he goes to his knees to suck on Tommy’s fat, throbbing dick. They move to a comfy love seat where Tommy services Trent’s hulking meat a little more, just before Trent switches spots so he can taste Tommy’s tight asshole. Then Tommy returns that favor and licks Trent’s hole, preparing it for what’s next. When the time is just right, Trent bends over and accepts Tommy’s incredibly large dong into his tight ass. Tommy really knows how to work up a nice pace. He fucks Trent like a master of sensuousness. But it’s not over until Trent gets a turn to fuck Tommy. This action is intense. This is a pairing of 2 of the hugest dicks you’ll ever see.

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Nervous Black Twink Gets Sucked

Dee was real nervous about being on camera, but after stroking his delicious black teen dick and getting his first gay cock sucking on video he seemed happy with the experience. This sexy young black twink is real delicious and he’s just discovered how hot it is to be sucked off by another guy, we’re sure he’ll be back!

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2 Str8 Thugs 5 Cum Shots

2 Str8 Thugs 5 Cum Shots gay black thugs pictures

These fucking boys are real competitive, and when you set a challenge you can be sure they’ll be battling to be top dog. Boomer and Billy were planning on competing to see who could drain the most thug juice from their dick in this jack off session, but the loser has a big price to pay. After draining out so much cum, which is gonna get a mouthful of semen?

A Cock Sucker With A Lot To Work With

Handsome young Kai loves to suck a juicy dick, and they don’t get much juicier than this! The boy is on hand to worship that long and pink tool, and his talented mouth certainly doesn’t hold back. Licking and lapping at the wet swollen head, sucking on the shaft, teasing those cum-filled balls, every tool in the boys oral arsenal is used to make that boner spurt a deliciously hot mess of cum over his gorgeous waiting face!

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Gym Stalkers: Sloppy Seconds

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Having just got two fresh loads in his ass, Damien Brooks heads back to the gym to finish his workout that he started an hour ago, but catches the eye of hottie Brian Bonds getting his pump on as well. But Brian was almost done his workout and was heading to the steam room to relax when Damien followed him in there only to see Brians raging hard-on under the towel. Brian didnt know he was getting sloppy seconds but didnt care as he just wanted to use that big ass. When he was done, he pulled out letting yet another dude from the gym shove his raw cock in and use Damiens phat ass!

Big Black Guy James Gets Blown

James is a real cool and calm guy, real horny too. He’s straight but curious, something that seems to be pretty popular these days. He had some experiences with guys in the past and he seems real eager to repeat those and enjoy his big black dick with dudes some more. He shows off his big dick and gets his meat sucked, jerking out a big load. He obviously needed that!

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Ass Fiends – Micah Brandt & Ryan Rose

Super stud Ryan Rose takes notice of the frame full of muscles that is Micah Brandt. Hanging out next to a sex swing, Micah’s eyes invite Ryan over to join him. After an exchange of cruising, Ryan heads over and locks lips with Micah. The making out has Micah hitting the floor and swallowing all of Ryan’s cock down to his balls. Intensifying the oral ecstasy, they alternate spit-dripping and tongue-drilling rim jobs. Micah moans out ‘I’m ready for your cock’ and Ryan is instantly on it, jamming his hefty, rock-hard meat into Micah’s hungry hole. Completely dominating his bottom, Ryan leads Micah to the swing and secures his legs in the straps before grabbing hold of Micah’s shoulders and pounding him like he’s never been drilled before. Screams of euphoric pleasure echo as they both spew huge loads onto Micah’s washboard abs.

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Ray A

Ray is the type of guy who shows up ready to work. Today, he’s on a job by himself. He finds a note from the homeowner, telling him that today he’ll need to repair a large hole in some drywall, inside a closet. While Ray is clearing out the owner’s personal items so he can get to work, he notices an open gym bag full of dildos. Ray laughs to himself and checks out a few of the big, girthy toys. While looking at the floppy, rubber dongs, Ray wonders how his own cock would look up next to one. He does the only reasonable thing: takes off his jumpsuit, fattens up his cock, and makes a comparison. Ray sure does find it interesting to see how his own giant dick measures up. Well now that he has a full-on erection and is alone on the job site, there’s no reason to let a perfectly good erection go to waste. Ray takes a seat on a wooden table and proceeds to jerk his giant, hungry cock. While stroking, he imagines what the owner would do if he caught him. Hmmmm, how far would Ray go to keep his job?? By the look of it, the owner CERTAINLY enjoys incredibly large cocks. Boy, Ray could suuuuuure accommodate! Who knows, maybe next time Ray will jerk his enormous meat when he KNOWS he’ll get caught!

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Willing To Share His Big Black Cock!

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The opportunity of flashing big black dick in front of his friend leads to a whole lot more than he expected! He won’t say no to his buddy jerking and sucking on that massive meat, but can his friend take it all in his ass? Of course he can, he loves them big and thick! He takes a great fucking from his hung homie, taking it doggy and riding it too until they’re kicking back and jerking out their loads together!

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