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Sexy bi boy Jay is back to share that delicious dick with a willing friend, and Joe is loving every minute of it as they jerk and gobble on each other. His black dick soon finds that hot tight ass though and Jay gets a great raw fucking before the tables turn and Joe takes a ride. Some hot loads are jerked out by the end, splashing each other with semen!

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Big Black Dick For Blaze

Blaze is a long way from being the straight guy jacking off on video. He’s done everything and really enjoys it all these days too. His big thick meaty cock shows how much he’s loving it as he swaps dick sucking with Joe, then gets his tight straight boy ass filled with big black cock too! He gives Joe a much needed cumload to the face and gets a splashing of semen across his back too.

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JR Rides A Thick Str8 Boy Dick

JR and Blaze start off in the shower for some fun but the action really kicks off in the living room when that straight boy cock slides between some willing lips! Jay arrives to jerk off and watch the show, getting some sucking too before JR really gets a hot fucking from that horny and hung straight boy. With his load rammed out of him, JR gets a messy facial to finish!

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Handsome Joe Gets Blown

Joe is an amazing package. He’s handsome, he’s nicely built, he has a great smooth black ass that you just want to spank and rim out, and he has a massive black cock that gets rock hard! He might be straight, but this guy isn’t likely to turn down a hot sucking from another guy. He delivers a thick and creamy mess as his meat erupts!

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Bareback Flip Flop Boys

Jay is one of the hottest boys, and the fact that he’s into cock just makes him an even bigger star in our minds. He’s hanging out for some action with Nimrod, and they both get plenty of sucking and some fucking in too as Jay open up his butt for some play. It leads to a great threesome session with two very happy boys!

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Sucking On A Thick One!

We were so happy to see handsome and built black stud Demetrius walk in for a jerk off. He has a great body and a really great thick and long cock. He had a couple of days worth of cum in his balls, and as soon as he was naked his meat was semi hard and needing some attention. He definitely gets it in this jerk and suck, delivering a hot load to be gobbled!

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Dee Gets Two Str8 Boy Load

When you get a horny cock sucker like Dee in the room with two straight boys who don’t mind enjoying some dick with the other guys you end up with a great cock sucking threesome like this one! All three get a taste of hard and hot cock, but it’s lucky Dee who gets to drink a couple of hot straight boy cum loads!

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Big Black Cock On The Down Low

The cash isn’t enough, he needs something more. Thankfully his buddy has more than enough to satisfy his needs! It’s all on the down low but these guys know how good it feels to share those big black cocks and get their spunk loads pumping out. Check out the sucking and deep ass fucking between Peanut and Dollar and you’ll know this is not the last time they make a special deal!

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Dorky & His Big Black Dick!

Dorky is tall, dark and handsome, a great guy to have in front of the cameras. He tells us about some of his experiences, like the finding out about jacking off and the first time he got laid, then it’s time to get down to business and see that big black dick in action. He was pretty nervous, but he sure delivered the goods as he beats his meat and gets that cum pumping out! He even let Joe jerk and suck him too, which suggests he might be down for more in the future.

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Amateur Steve Gets Some Help

He might not have been expecting to get what he did for his first shoot, but straight skinny first timer Steve wasn’t willing to turn away a stroking hand, a sucking mouth or a hot black ass to sink his long dick into. The dude even stroked his new fuck buddy’s dick too before squirting his cum shot out over a towel!

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Blaze Gets A Big Black Dick

It’s hard to believe that horny Blaze started out in solo videos as a straight boy dealing with his own cock, now the hung young man is sucking on a big black cock and even bending over to take that cock in his ass and a cum load in his face too! Keith certainly seems appreciative of all that action though!

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Handsome Joe Cums A Thick Load

Handsome Joey is the complete package. This 24 year old calls himself “sexual”, which we think means he’s down for all kinds of cock on cock fun given the right opportunity. And with his long and delicious black dick we know there’s going to be a lot of opportunities! He works his magic on that schlong and delivers a hot creamy thick load of cum for us.

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A Cock Sucking Threesome

Nimrod has brought one of his friends along, and although sexy Jay calls himself bi, we have to wonder how much experience this boy has had with cock. There’s no doubting he’s enjoying all that cock sucking as they jerk and swallow each other, with all three enjoying the fun and cumming some hot loads!

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