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Fringe Benefits – Dylan Henri & Leander

When Leander interviewed for the position with Dylan Henri’s home restoration company, he got the feeling there might be more to the job than met the eye. Sure enough, he was right. It turns out Dylan Henri is a sex-hungry deviant who takes advantage of his employees…and Leander likes it!Mr. Henri routinely has showed up on job sites not only to make sure Leander isn’t fucking around on his phone, but also to get his big cock sucked. On this occasion, Mr. Henri finds Leander slacking hard. That’s call for some serious repercussion, so Mr. Henri has Leander get up on a ladder so his pants may be pulled down enough for Mr. Henri to access his ass. Once in position, Mr. Henri licks Leander’s sweet, tight hole. Leander doesn’t let on, but he actually enjoys this brand of punishment.Next, Mr. Henri sucks Leander’s firm dick. Now THIS does feel good to Leander, very good. Then Leander returns the favor and slurps down his boss’s fat cock for a while. From there, the two engage in some passionate, on-the-job kissing and nude, full-body grinding. This leads right into full-on, boss-on-employee ass fucking. That’s right, Leander is happy to take Mr. Henri large, erect cock deep. And boy, Mr. Henri is really letting him have it! Maybe Leander will learn his lesson…if he wants to be pounded nice and hard, be sure to slack off!

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Akira Jyn – Akira Jyn

This is Akira Jyn. He’s a very muscular guy with an incredible smile. Today, he’s all alone at the job site, getting ready to paint the interior of an apartment. As he prepares, he finds a dirty magazine underneath a table. Since no one’s around, Akira does what he always does when he finds himself alone at work, he pulls out his fat cock and has some fun! Join Akira as he starts the job off by releasing some tension. Check out his incredible arms as he pumps that hard dick until it explodes in ecstasy. Just don’t tell the foreman!

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Slam That Hole – Brian Bonds & Noah Donovan

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Sexy power bottom Brian Bonds and big-dicked Noah Donavan waste no time getting orally acquainted. After swapping some spit, Brian is quickly on his knees with a mouthful of Noah’s huge cock. Brian tries his best to deep throat the 9.5′ inch, thick cock, gagging as it hits the back of his throat. Noah wants ass, so he rims Brian’s eager hole, jamming his tongue deep into his center. After warming Brian’s hole up, they switch to a sit fuck where Brian energetically bounces on Noah’s meat stick. Brian can’t get enough, and his hot hole is able to take Noah’s big dick and powerful thrusts in every position before he oozes his load out into his hand. Noah pulls out and finishes all over Brian’s spent cock.

Can He Take That Massive Cock?

It’s hard to believe that any ass could take that massively thick back joystick, but after sucking on that big tool he shows his hole is just as greedy for it. Crammed into his ass and stretching him wide he takes that length and jerks himself off, being fucked deep in some great positions until the two suck on each other and stroke out their messy thick loads!

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Fancisco, Josue, Manuel

Fancisco, Josue, Manuel wild black sex pictures

We love military guy2 and so do you! This nasty update includes three hunky military studs that are bored on base. When they are refused a pass to go into town they decide to have their own party in the barracks. This party become naked and throbbing within a few heart beats, with the other bloke out all night in the city they have plenty of time to make this threesome into a spooge explosive good time.

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