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Truckstop Glory – Bam Bam & Fernando Del Rio

Truckstop Glory   Bam Bam & Fernando Del Rio wild black sex pictures

When Bam Bam stops to pee at a gas station during his road trip, he notices a mysterious hole in the stall wall, next to the urinal. After closer inspection, he realizes there’s a dude inside the stall, peeking out through the hole, and running his fingers along the rim. I’ts Fernando Del Rio and he has a very dirty agenda. Bam Bam has only read about these ‘glory holes’ in magazines, but now that he’s right up close to one in real life, he figures he’ll give it a go. He turns from the urinal and pushes his hard cock right through to a waiting Fernando. Fernando doesn’t waste time before devouring the throbbing dick. With plenty of mouth juices, he slathers the big, stiff meat pole. Then curiosity gets the better of Fernando, and he emerges from the stall to meet the man connected to the beautiful dong. He’s very pleasantly surprised when he sees gorgeous Bam Bam. Fernando continues orally pleasuring Bam Bam for a while. The two then move over to the sink area where Bam Bam takes the liberty of shoving his thick cock into Fernando’s sweet, tight asshole. Watch these hot boys get it on in a dirty truckstop bathroom, where someone could walk in on them at any moment!

Parkside Pickup – Jin Powers & XL

Parkside Pickup   Jin Powers & XL wild black sex pictures

This is a feast for the eyes! When two very attractive men notice each other, just outside of a busy, downtown park, sparks fly right away. XL was just relaxing on a sitting feature when along walked Jin Powers, very smartly dressed. The look Jin shot XL was enough to say, ‘come to my apartment and fuck me.’ XL knows the look, so he followed. Once inside, like a good host, Jin poured them each a glass of wine. A little chit-chat lead to some deep smooching. Jin didn’t waste much time before going to his knees to take XL’s dick out and taste it. XL knew Jin was the perfect type of freak. He enjoys Jin’s soft lips around his hard member for a bit before reciprocating. Jin’s cock emerged powerfully huge and extremely hard. XL loves a nice, firm erection sliding in and out of his mouth. They soon retired to Jin’s bedroom where XL continued to slurp Jin’s massive dick, then went in to experience Jin’s sweet ass. It wasn’t much of this before XL slid his swollen manhood into that tight hole. XL pounded Jin hard and with passion. Jin took his fucking well, then positioned XL to be pumped. Join these amazing studs as they come together for the first time, and perhaps ignite the flame of a lasting relationship.

Pumpin Pals

Pumpin Pals gay black thugs pictures

The two hot ripped studs are the last two in our Big Pumpin series, and what better way to end it than have to buddies watching porn and jerking off together! Again – two hot black breeder studs yanking their thick meat right beside each other… stuff. Plus these guy2 are both HUGE – long thick cocks, 20 inches of dong together:) and they really have to work them to get them totally solid.

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ROOM SERVICE PART 3 – Diesel Washington & Jay Armstrong

ROOM SERVICE PART 3   Diesel Washington & Jay Armstrong gay porn interracial pictures

Jay just finished blowing his load but what he didn’t know was that Diesel was watching him the whole time waiting for the right moment to intervene. Diesel can see Jay still relaxing after winding down from his load and that’s when Diesel comes walking in with a towel. Jay is very surprised and fully naked yet pleased to see that he now has a towel to clean himself up with. Diesel is not here to clean anything up and Jay has been wanting some thick dark cock deep inside his ass and so he bends right over for Diesel legs spread, awaiting his hot mouth and cock. Diesel jumps to it and face dives into that bubbly ass and lets his tongue do the rest. Fully rock hard he has Jay service his massive cock and big low hanging balls. With his cock throbbing he bends Jay over and slowly eases into that tight eager ass balls deep. Once in, Jay moans with excitement as the thick cock slides in and out of his ass. Diesel manhandles Jay to the fullest extent pounding away at that ass until he blows a nice hot load all over Jay’s face.

Cuckoo For Cocoa Cock

Cuckoo For Cocoa Cock gay interracial videos pictures

Once in a blue moon, you come across a guy that is normally a top but with total control of his muscle ass so he can really take a pounding! Yes, we turned out a top in this video. But man, with an ass like that I have to wonder if Richie was really a top like he said. Well, if I had to call him anything, itd be a true power bottom! Richies amazing ass is a true gift to all tops. At 64 tall with a ripped-hard body, big beautiful cock, the most beautiful cocoa-colored skin (AND muscular dream ass!) this guy is a WINNER in every sense of the word, especially in the bed. And at 19 thats rare! We met Richie in our travels last year and then revisited him again in his home town for some serious ass fucking and hard core video fun. Richie is what we like to call a super fan. Hes been watching us for a few years now and has been eagerly awaiting us to come visit him and help him fulfill his MaverickMen fantasy. Maybe thats why he was so excellent in bed. I am here to tell you, Hunter and I could not get over Richies skills. Not only could he slurp a cock till it melts and cums, he can bottom and kiss like a pro! We had so much fun that Hunter and I actually came a total of four times. Hey Richie, well see you in the fall.

Thug Behind The Scenes

Thug Behind The Scenes gay black thugs pictures

This is a hot scene, we’ve got our party host giving us the info on the gang and his buddies, Then a really hot cocks wanking scene featuring one awesome hunk who is seriously hung! He has a great ripped body and a rock solid banana rod that really needs some expert polishing to get the spunk load splashing out. And we end with a really good finish, showing a bit of the making of the scene too.

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