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Saint Fatdick’s Day – Nubius & Jin Powers & XL

Saint Fatdicks Day   Nubius & Jin Powers & XL wild black sex pictures

There’s a very special celebration that cums once a year. The Irish men who hang down by the corner pub know the occasion. It’s a time to wear green, watch for little leprechauns, and also a time to enjoy large, meaty cocks. It’s Saint Fatdick’s Day! Nubius, XL & Jin Powers are three friends that just came from a Saint Fatdick’s Day party at a friends. They had a few green beers and now they’ve retired to XL’s place so they can get down to the reason for the season. Saint Fatdick’s Day is all about hooking up with your pals. Jin has been waiting ALL YEAR to get his hands and mouth on Nubius and XL. XL has a strict rule that he only sucks cocks and gets fucked on this day. It’s a joyous occasion! Jin and Nubius are each taking turns on XL. But first, Nubius is enjoying both his friends’ large dicks at the same time. Watch him suck those fat dicks together. Then enjoy seeing Jin get fucked hard on his back, just the way he likes it each year on this wonderful holiday. Grab your pot of gold and your four-leaf clover hat. This is the time to revel in the wondrous, festive spirit of Saint Fatdick’s Day!

That Had To Of Hurt…

That Had To Of Hurt... gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

What up all you giant dick lovin fans? Today Castro and I ; went cruzin a local college campus to meet with this guy that was dreaming of Castro’s cock. He claimed he was straight but after you see this video you might think otherwise. Anyways… this guy’s name is Trent and he gets his organs rearranged by Castro’s Supreme! Come watch some ass get ripped!

Ass Pounding 101

Ass Pounding 101 gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

What’s good everyone? Today we stopped by this guy Caleb’s house and Castro laid down the supreme right up the old brown eye. This new fresh meat had no clue he would be receiving a cock up his ass the size of a baseball bat. Needless to say he was hurtin pretty good towards the end. All in All it was a swell day for Caleb and I think he will recover just fine!

It’s Still Gonna Hurt

Its Still Gonna Hurt gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

Hey big dick lovers… Today we brought in a new big cock by the name of Mario Costa. This guy is a cool ten inches with girth the size of this guy Seth’s forearm. Needless to say this weeks victim is in for some pain. Let just remind you it’s not Castro but it’s still gonna hurt!

Dealers 3: Provin’ Loyal

Dealers 3: Provin Loyal gay black thugs pictures

“G” is called on to prove he is loyal and to serve the gang. The head dude has a hard on just waiting for him to get there and cannot wait to sink his phat black joystick into G’s wet hot mouth. This guy has got to do more than this though to earn his place, he has to offer up his ass for that fat black stud muffin pecker and take it hard and long. He likes it though and blows his load, so the head dude has to finish up blowing a huge load on his chest – he has earned his bling.

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Jahova And Drake Shoot Their Cum

Jahova And Drake Shoot Their Cum wild black sex pictures

You know it’s pretty common for str8 guy so kick back with a buddy and beat their meat to some hardcore porn, but what’s not so common is those breeder bloke sharing their pecker stroking with a load of guy2 out there on the internet in exchange for some cash! Jahova and Drake both need to semen, and both need some cash, and we need to watch them enjoying a side-by-side jerk off. I guess sometimes everything just comes together nicely!

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Pain+Stitches= Supreme

Pain+Stitches= Supreme gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

Fuck man! Today this guy Jake Taylor came to visit us! Well he actually came see Castro. I think the day went pretty well for him. He got a big fat cock down his throat and his asshole blown out by a ten inch monster cock. Wow if you love seeing big dicks in tight little asses then your gonna love this video. It’s gonna Hurt Mother Fuckers! LOL

Puerto Rican Pound Puppy

Puerto Rican Pound Puppy gay interracial videos pictures

Hey guys, get ready for a hot and nasty winner of a fuck video! After making this video with our friend Dougie, we discovered that we have a new found lust for Puerto Rican guys. We had been talking and corresponding with Dougie for about a year and the entire time I kept thinking that this guy seems so straight. With his tats and tight, lean, ripped body and street-smart attitude, he just reeked of straight boy. But much to our delight he’s not straight at all, in fact, he loves to get fucked. Dougie makes no bones about it, saying things like, "Man, you better fuck me good or Im outta here." We love that Dougie is so straight forward. He’s also a great kisser and best of all he loves hard and rough man sex. Dougie’s head skills are so amazing that I thought Hunter was going to pass out. He has this little tongue piercing that tickled the underside of Hunter’s cock so much that Hunter was howling like a beast in ecstasy. Feel free to leave some love for our PR pound pup and tell him to come back to do another video with us.

Mr Marvel

Mr Marvel wild black sex pictures

He’s ripped. He’s big. And he’s hung like champion. He’s Mr. Marvel and he wants you to watch him jerk his cock. Join him as he returns home from a long day. Mr. Marvel isn’t a normal man, he’s a man with super human desire and an extreme capacity to demonstrate passion. In his room, you’ll watch him undress, rub oil on his body, then relax on his bed for some nice meat tugging. After his big dick is nice and hard, he’s using the aid of a jelly fuck toy to enhance the pleasure to out-of-this-world levels. Get your motor running, Mr. Marvel wants to take you on a sensual journey.

Dealers 3: The Twins

Dealers 3: The Twins gay black thugs pictures

Dealers 3 has a surprise, while the big men sit around and talk about what they have to do sometimes two of their boys come in…and what luck! These two young thugs are hot and better yet – twin brothers! After paying in they head off to a room and get str8 to the porn to release their loads – ah fuck who cares why – just check out these two hot black twin brothers. Both have huge low hanging balls and awesome fat thick cocks with a real hot little upturn curve at the end. Hot stuff!

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Killin That Ass!

Killin That Ass! gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

Hey People! Today on Its gonna hurt we brought in this young buck named Kyle. Kyle told us "the biggest dick I ever had was 8 inches". Dick size is like dog years every ich is like 10 years sooooooo…… Needless to say he got his shit split in half. And I shit you not he screamed like a Bitch it was great! You gotta watch this video! It is very stimulating!