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He’s an afternoon peeper with a raging appetite for bare flesh. His name is Darian and his game is watching strangers on the street and in their apartments. Darian enjoys tugging his large meat while feasting his eyes on these oblivious folks. Take some time to watch Darian while he himself watches. See him remove his clothing to reveal bulging muscles. His ass ripples and tightens as he stands by the window with binoculars, stroking his big, hard cock. Darian’s mouth waters while he imagines what he would do to some of these strangers if they were within his reach. He’s so far away from them, but the binoculars make him feel as if he could reach out and grab them with his hands, squeezing them, groping, and rubbing. Join Darian and feel the burning desire he does.

School Holidays – Fabiano

School Holidays   Fabiano gay black thugs pictures
Another hot young stud in our School Holidays series. We rounded up a group of young hot guys just out of school who were ready for some fun and the only rules were they had to do a session with out camera. We provided all the rest…. Fabiano is a 20 yr old fitness instructor and you can tell by his hot rippled body! Awesome abs, hot thick legs and a long hung fat joystick just dangling and waiting for attention. Totally str8, we could not get him with anyone but he is worth it all the same!

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Cristin Gets A Meat Stick

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Wow… another day, another asshole. We brought in this guy Cristin today for another exciting episode of Cristin was a man of few words but that was okay cause we new why he was here. This guy was in desperate need of an asshole jam session and, people, he got what he was asking for cause I honestly have never seen an asshole swell up like this! Cum see for yourself as this skinny little minion gets his ass torn apart!

Robbie Plays The Pain Game

Robbie Plays The Pain Game gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

What up creepos? Today we brought in this bashful volleyball player off the beach. He was a fan of It’s Gonna Hurt until he felt the pain. I think Castro might have fucked this dude straight — but then ya never know! Maybe all that screaming and begging to stop was all for show! LOL … Doubt it! But anyways, cum watch this little white boy get his anus blown out by Castro’s monster shlong!

The Lumber Jack Slam!

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Hey everyone. Today we brought in this guy named Cory and it was really great watching this 6 ft 5 inch guy surrender to Castro’s giant cock. This guy was a real champ cause he tried to deep throat Castro’s meat! It didn’t really work but it was fun watching him gag and tear up like he was crying! I think at one point he might have been crying. Seriously, watch this big lumberjack get his hole pounded!

Feed And Breed 3: Urban Freaks

Feed And Breed 3: Urban Freaks gay black thugs pictures

These young, hung and horny urban boys are freaky and always down to fuckdeep, hard and completely raw! Whether its a spontaneous fuck while painting or a wild session after the club, it doesnt matter the time or place to get down. Raw Rods Productions brings you FOUR scenes of scorching bareback sex that you dont want to miss!

Castro The Impaler

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I met up with Alejandro who is in town for a bit visiting his parents. We met up in the afternoon and his went back to his parents place since they were at work. We set up shop out by his pool and introduced him to Castro’s cock which we warmed up to pretty quickly and began sucking the shit out of it. The two of them fucked like crazy and sweat their asses off in the hot sun. Alejandro couldn’t take it towards the end begged for Castro’s hot nut.

I Wanna Be A Millionaire So Fucking Bad!

I Wanna Be A Millionaire So Fucking Bad! gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

Hey people… Today we stopped by this guy Park Wiley’s outrageous mansion. He is some rich fucker that apparently craves Big Black Cock. So to do him and you guys a favor… Castro jammed his 13 inch sausage down his throat. I hate to dis appoint but this guy loved it without one complaint! He still squilled like a pig getting it’s throat slit. People always ask me if Castro’s dick is really that big? My answer usually is… come find out for your self! Peace bitches!

Birthday Bang – Tyson Tyler & XL

Birthday Bang   Tyson Tyler & XL wild black sex pictures
XL knows his boyfriend Tyson Tyler doesn’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays, but he still wants to treat his man and show him how much he loves him. That’s why he put a candle in a cupcake and surprised Tyson this morning. Tyson couldn’t help but smile and thank his handsome man with a sensuous smooch. XL likes this, and knows that Tyson can’t just let a hot kiss stand without engaging in even hotter action. Tyson goes to his knees and pulls out XL’s giant cock. It’s already very hard, just right for Tyson to suck. He takes it deep, making XL weak in the knees. After a little of this sweet slurping, XL returns the favor by enjoying Tyson’s massive, stiff meat in his mouth. Then Tyson gets a taste of his luscious boyfriend’s sweet hole. He knows that not only does XL love this, it also gets his ass ready for hard fucking. You’ve been invited to attend this small, intimate birthday party for Tyson. Get ready to witness some good, hot sex as Tyson unloads on XL. Then see these incredible boys switch so XL can slam Tyson’s perfect ass. It’s exactly the gift Tyson was hoping for this year!

Getting Yolked – Brock Avery & Derek Maxum

Getting Yolked   Brock Avery & Derek Maxum wild black sex pictures
When you know it’s time to get into a good gym routine, the best way to go is with a personal trainer. Brock Avery is looking to incorporate some new weight exercises into his workout, so based on a few recommendations, he decided to make an appointment with Derek Maxum. Upon arriving, Brock is quite impressed with Derek’s space. It’s a converted garage, well equipped with everything necessary to achieve a good swell. Derek is also impressed, but his eyes are on Brock’s physical assets. As Derek begins showing Brock a few nice, easy compound weight lifts, he can’t stop staring at Brock’s amazing bubble ass. Soon, Derek can no longer hide the erection growing under his pants. He can tell Brock is noticing the bulge. When his urges push him to a breaking point, Derek pulls down Brock’s tights, exposing his plump ass cheeks. Brock is completely shocked…at first! But it’s not long before the two are kissing hard and deep. Brock goes to his knees and unleashes Derek’s massive cock. It’s pulsating and begging for Brock’s tender attention. Brock devours it, feeling every powerful inch slide in and out of his warm mouth. Then Derek takes a turn sucking. After slurping on Brock’s knob for a while, he lifts Brock’s legs into the air to get set up for a nice hole tasting. Once Brock’s tight ass is ready, Derek eases his big dick inside and pumps away. The ecstasy on Brock’s face tells Derek how much his enormous boner is appreciated. You’re invited to join this gym-room session, so get ready to get swollen!