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Passionate Pair – Kiern Duecan & Tyce Jax

Passionate Pair   Kiern Duecan & Tyce Jax wild black sex pictures
Tyce Jax and returning Ebony star, Kiern Duecan, are coming together to let passion explode. Tyce is a well-built, sexy guy who’s insatiable when it comes to dudes like Kiern. They’re starting out with some very hot kissing, letting their fattened dicks rub together from underneath their respective pairs of underwear. Tyce goes to his knees and unleashes Kiern’s large, uncut cock. He doesn’t waste any time taking the throbbing dick deep, licking and sucking Kiern’s balls as well. Then they move to the bed where Kiern pulls out Tyce’s piece and enjoys it thoroughly with some sucking and bobbing of his own. They move into the 69 position so Kiern can lick Tyce’s sweet hole while Tyce continues devouring Kiern’s erection. And once Tyce’s ass is nice and wet, Tyce climbs on Kiern’s behemoth cock and rides it hard. Then Kiern repositions so he can slam Tyce while jerking his fat dick too. Get ready to experience extremely hot action as these two powerful men exchange steaming-hot sexual energy in this erotic, fully-charged encounter.

Tyler Price – Tyler Price

Tyler Price   Tyler Price gay black thugs pictures
Tyler Price is in the gym working on his physique again. One look at him and it becomes obvious he spends a lot of time here. So much time, in fact, that he feels very comfortable here. You might even say it’s like a home away from home. Which would explain why after his workout Tyler feels perfectly entitled to strip down and please himself right there on the bench. Lucky for you, he has no problem if you watch!

Triple Take – JP Richards & Jin Powers & Jon Sheild

Triple Take   JP Richards & Jin Powers & Jon Sheild wild black sex pictures
Take a minute to make yourself comfortable. Once you’ve succeeded in this, tune your attention to the action unfolding between JP Richards, Jin Powers, and one Jon Sheild. They’re all three hungry, horny, hung gentleman, and only each other’s bodies will satisfy their deep cravings. Jin and Jon smooch deeply and with passion as JP works on Jon’s growing bulge. Soon the fat cock is out of the undies, getting totally slurped upon by cockstarved JP. Jin tastes Jon’s sexy mouth for a while before moving up and sticking his large dong inside it. Jon flips over so he can still enjoy Jin’s strong dick in his mouth, but also provide JP access to his ass. JP has been hungry for sweet, tight hole, and now his desires are being satiated. Then watch Jon get manhandled, back and forth between JP and Jin as they take turns pounding his plump ass. It’s pure, passionate power in this smoking hot, triple-action fuck session.

Lure of the Masseur – Krave Moore & Tyce Jax

Lure of the Masseur   Krave Moore & Tyce Jax wild black sex pictures
When Tyce Jax booked a massage, he had no idea he was in for a full-service treatment. Krave Moore welcomes Tyce Jax into his rub studio for an epic experience both will thoroughly enjoy. Tyce hasn’t ever had a massage from a guy before today. He’s a little nervous. But when Krave spreads warm oil across his back, Tyce loosens up a bit. Then, when Krave removes his own shirt and climbs on the massage table along with Tyce, the situation takes an unexpected turn. And when Krave sticks his tongue in Tyce’s ass, this massage becomes a sensual adventure. Krave is soon sucking Tyce’s fattening dick from behind. After a bit, Tyce flips over and Krave continues, with fervor, to service his sexy client. Krave then positions himself on the table so Tyce can suck his fat dick for a nice change up. Next in the rub routine is a technique involving the penetration of Tyce’s sweet hole. Krave slides his erect cock into Tyce and works him good. And no Krave Moore massage is over until the client fucks the masseur. Watch Tyce get the happiest kind of ending there is when he explodes in pure ecstasy all over his caring massage artist.

Another Man Tastes The Dragon !!!

Another Man Tastes The Dragon !!! gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

When you sign up to do your first gay scene on tape you might wanna think twice. This guy Ben came to test Castro Supreme’s Dragon. For those of you who are unsure of what that it is…. Its a big black dick that looks like a club you would use on baby seals. Unfortunately or fortunately for some of you sick fucks its a tool we use around here to crack assholes open. This little fucker gets split wide open with a smile on his face. Check it out and love it. Later bitches!

ShowGuys 562: Cameron Fenris And Tyson

Cameron Fenris, who starts the scene totally nude, is a hairy-chested, muscled stud, and Tyson is an absolutely beautiful black boy, who has a huge dick. They kiss, which causes Tysons dick to swell to full erection, and Cameron wastes no time taking every inch down his throat. Cameron pulls Tysons legs into the air, and sticks his tongue into the exposed hole. The two guys sixty-nine, then Cameron once again rims Tyson. Tyson stands on the bed, bends over, Cameron stands beside the bed, and goes crazy with Tysons beautiful ass and dick. Tyson sits on the bed, and totally deep-throats Cameron. Cameron gets on his hands and knees, and now Tyson shoves his tongue into Camerons hot hole. Next Tyson gets his balls licked. These guys are just wild, and can’t get enough of each other. Tyson puts a condom on Cameron, sits on his hard dick, and starts bouncing. Next Cameron doggys Tyson. They bring their asses to the camera, and Cameron fucks Tyson from above. Cameron lies on his back, Tyson sits down facing the camera, and gives us a great frog, followed by the missionary position. And suddenly Tyson spews great gobs of white hot jism all over himself. Cameron jerks off, and almost immediately has his own wrenching orgasm. The guys get on the knees, kiss, wave goodbye, and one of the hottest scenes in ShowGuys history sadly comes to an end.

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Cameron Fenris, who starts the scene totally nude, is a hairy-chested, muscled stud, and Tyson is an absolutely beautiful black boy, who has a huge dick.

Stars: Cameron Fenris Tyson

Categories: Anal Safe Sex Bear Gay Black Interracial Amateur

Studio Name: ShowGuys

There’s A First Time For Everything!

Theres A First Time For Everything! gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

We all know that Castro Supreme has a huge monster cock that destroys everything in its path. Today we have Derrick stepping up to the plate to see what the hype is all about. He wouldn’t believe it until he seen it in person. This guy is in for a rude awakening. Once Castro whipped his log of a cock out, Derrick’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Next thing you know Derrick had a mouth full of man meat. Castro wasted no time and gave him what he wanted to witness: an ass pounding like non before. Poor guy! This is really gonna hurt. Good Luck!

White Boy Gets Owned!

White Boy Gets Owned! gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

This update of It’s Gonna Hurt features Castro Supreme and some little white dude that’s trying to prove something to his prostate. This little fucker gets cracked in half by Castro’s mammoth sized cock and then he gets mother fuckin loads dropped on his face. That shit will always hurt! Peace out, bitches!

Screaming For Joy!

Screaming For Joy! gay porn interracial bigdickinterracial pictures

This site is no fucking joke. We brought in this dude Tony Douglas. Tony craves black dick. He receives what he craves right up his tight little asshole. He then proceeds to scream like a bitch in heat and pant like a dog while Castro puts a blistering beating down on him until he receives his man milkshake all over his face.