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I’m going to tease you with my underwear. Spread my legs so I can play with my tight college boy chocolate hole. And I’m going to imagine you here playing with it with me so I can get off really good. We’re going to have so much fun. Come play with me. I am an expert at dancing. I can dance really sexy and make you want to fuck me. I love a beautiful big cock and a nice ass to go with it. I have a big foot fetish as well, so a pair of nice feet turns me on. I love a man who loves to show his ass off as well.

Team Effort – Sam Swift & Jay Black & Tyson Tyler

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Nooooow, here’s a little story I got to tell about three bad dudes you’re about to know so well: Jay Black is the gnarliest wrestling trainer the City’s ever seen. They say he wrestled against five men in the dead of night, in a pitch-black alleyway one time. Legend has it two of the guys were ninjas, two others used to be on the show American Gladiators, and the other guy? Well, you might know him best as the guy who was the inspiration for the movie Rudy, so you KNOW he had heart! I’ll spare you the gritty details, but I will say that all five men ended up with jizz all over their faces before the fight was over…and it all came from Jay’s healthy dick. Today he’s coaching a couple star wrestlers, Tyson Tyler and Sam Swift. Sam just bumped up in the league, from Junior squad, to the pros. Tyson’s been a hard working wrestler for a long time, but still needs guidance from time to time, especially from greats like Jay. Jay wants to work on strengthening the core this time. He’s showing the guys a few techniques when he notices Sam has something growing beneath his tights. Sam can’t believe he’s popping a boner during the session he’s been so nervous about. It’s ok though, Jay’s well experienced in taking care of problems like this. Tyson actually has one too. Jay’s starting out by having the guys remove their outfits and insert their large, swollen cocks into his mouth. Jay’s taking special care to really suck these dicks good. After that, He’s having Tyson fuck him, while Sam slides his meaty cock in and out of Jay’s mouth. The wrestlers switch after a while and Jay flips on his back to endure more pounding and fucking from these strong athletes. In the end, Jay takes serious cum blasts to the face and chests. Now they can focus on some core strength!

Thug Boy 13: You Want The Pipe

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Dejuan drops by Chase Carter’s construction site and wondering wtf he still gotta work on, and Chase let a brotha know he wanna work on dat ass with his monster drill. Dick Dejuan down real good til that ass explodes. Dejuan loves the taste of that dick takin that dick in real deep and once Chase is ready to fuck that ass he ain’t lettin go til he busts a fat nut all over Dejuan’s ass and back. Manny Baby looking at some porn in the yard just chilling when date Hotrod comes walking in on a brotha. The two make a hasty retreat to tha kitchen for some big phat dick sucking and fucking. Hotrod makes dat shit all tasty, bathing his pipe in some chocolate and Manny Baby is just to eager to suck that piece clean. Then Hotrod turns that cute ass inside out, nailing Manny Baby to the floor and fucking the ever loving shit outta him on the counter. These brothas be knocking everything over in their quest for the nut and they ain’t stopping til they git it! Meko is trying to hit up Domino for a ride to da club but Domino is already in bed. There’s only one way to wake Domino up and that’s by getting his dick hard and having him bust a nut. By the time Domino eats Meko’s ass and gets his legs up in the air he’s saying shit like he isn’t sure if he can take all that pipe but he knows if he wants that ride he better. Domino is straight up loving date tight ass and there’s no way he’s letting Meko run from his big dick til he shoots. Jason Tiya in the house, hanging out trying to take a nap n shit, but Tray be like wudeva and knocks the door down cuz he in need to git his nut off. Jason be sucking date dick like it’s candy. Tray gets up in dem cakes once his pipe is ready from the face fucking. Tray turns date ass out real good, slamming the shit outta Jason. Tray just keeps going on like date bunny wit em batteries n shit ya heard!

Tough Guy Gets Humbled

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Greetings fans. This update is outrageously great. We brought in this surfer dude named Jackson. He was very cocky/confident that he could take Izzy’s dick in his butthole. He had claimed he’d had comparably sized cocks and wasn’t worried in the slightest. Needless to say the tables abruptly turned when Izzy stuffed his giant black cock up Jackson’s asshole. LOL… Its not called it’s gonna hurt for nothing!

Gettin It Like A Dirty Dog!

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This week on we brought in this guy David who is a repeat offender on this site with a craving for chocolate dick. It’s a little strange how much this guy likes getting fucked by giant black cock, but we are here to please everyone, so if you like it cum get some. If you need money cum get some. If you’re a sick twisted fuck that likes pain, cum gets some. This video is really good with lots of deep throat dick sucking and plenty of butt sex for all! Enjoy!

Big Boys Like Big Toys

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We got another asshole slaying for you all here on We brought in this big muscle head dude named Mitch to get his b-hole beat up by Izzy’s monster dick. Mitch was completely terrified when I told him we were gonna lock the door so he couldn’t run out when he got too scared or when the pain reached its ultimate high. Anyways you should come watch this jacked white dude take some black dick!

White Boys Love Black Dick

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Hey peeps…. Here is another heartthrob white boy who can’t resist a massive chocolate cock. We brought in this boy Cameron and he came prepared. Well at least thats what he said. It seems everybody’s story changes once they get a huge black dick smacked off there forehead. To make a long awesome story short Izzy fucks this white boy until he can’t take it anymore and then drops a monster load on his face. Its gonna hurt Baby!

Shockingly Painful

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Hey guys and gals. We are proud to announce this week’s featuring Izzy & Ricky McCoy. Ricky is a young white boy who has been recently become fascinated with the idea of getting screwed by a big black cock. Fortunately for you guys we have one of those here for your entertainment. This would now make it unfortunate for little Ricky because Izzy knocks that tight little butt-hole into next week. Don’t miss this Man-on-Man action here on!

Hung for the Holidays – Marc Williams & Brandon Jones

Hung for the Holidays   Marc Williams & Brandon Jones wild black sex pictures
Join this sweet holiday couple in the bedroom as they let the season joyously come alive! Marc Williams is about to embark on a business trip that’ll take him away from his boyfriend, Brandon Jones, for the Christmas weekend. Even though they won’t be together, the magic of Christmas will find a way! Marc is giving Brandon a gift before he leaves. It’s big, it’s red, and it’s only for an experienced hole…it’s a gigantic dildo!! A present to keep Brandon busy while his man is out of town. But before Marc leaves, they’re having a passionate romp in the spirit of the Season. Watch Brandon enjoy in his mouth Marc’s fat, hard cock, all the way down to the base. And Marc’s not leaving without a mouthful of Brandon’s beautiful holiday boner to tide him over. Brandon’s even prepared a special treat for Marc: figuring they’d bang at least once before Marc leaves, Brandon woke up extra early this morning, when not a creature was stirring, and dipped his balls in a chilled bowl of cranberry sauce. When Marc takes a full mouth of Brandon’s nuts, he gets a wonderful holiday surprise! And to make sure Brandon won’t need to use the dildo too soon, at least not until later in the afternoon, Marc’s pounding Brandon’s sweet hole. Watch this romantic, cheerful fuck and let the warm magic melt your heart and stiffen your dick.

Thug Orgy 15

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Thug Orgy 15 is here! We’ve gathered a group of your favorite cock-hungry thugs at the gym for a little exercise looks like they won’t need the machines this time! The workout these thugs need comes with a stiff cock and a load of cum. This feature-length scene will leave you exhausted and wanting more!

Snake Dancing

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Wow this guy was not ready. This week’s itsgonnahurt update is crazy. We brought in this cat Santiago for an anal pulverizing session and let me tell you all he was not ready. He said "It hurts like hell" and we said "NO shit! The site’s called". The weirdest shit happens when Santiago first gets the black pipe stuffed into him. I want to tell y’all but I would hate to be a spoiler. So watch this video and dream and who knows you could be next!

How Bad Do You Want Them?

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In this weeks It’s Gonna Hurt were out trying to find a lucky winner for my friend izzy he has been dying to get some ass so I came up with an idea and I used the fact that there was a big event going on tonight and used it to my full advantage. So were out doing our thing and this guy out of nowhere comes up to us asking for tickets like a fiend or something but luckily I did have some spair tickets in hand but in order for him to get these tickets he has to do my friend Izzy I mean literally he as to suck his cock and let him fuck him in the ass and all and be hold he took the exchange if you may lol my boy let this little white boy have it, let’s just say he earned them tikets lol Stay Tuned!

Wake Up Call

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If you love big black dick then you would love to be woken up by one being stabbed in your eye. This weeks update is classic. We actually started this shoot with Izzy slapping his massive dick off this guy Alex’s face while he was asleep. As soon as Alex woke up he was in heaven and immediately started blowing the shit out of that big chocolate stick. Alex really enjoyed himself today and we think you will too. Check it out bitches!