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Curious Guy Takes The Hammer!

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Seth is trying to convince us that he’s not gay. He only likes to get nailed by them just out of curiosity. Well Seth. Today is going to be your lucky day. You get to experience another non-gay encounter. What an idiot!. Izzy doesn’t care. Gay or not, your going to get your ass-hole rearranged in many ways than one. All we know is that Izzy’s huge penis is going in there balls deep. looks like It’s Gonna Hurt. Enjoy!

Euro Wants Some Big Dick

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This wee we brought in this young sex crazy euro guy from Germany. He said he was bi-sexual and super open to what ever the fuck he was craving that day. On this day he was craving black dick and you can bet we obliged him by cramming 12 inches of love straight up his ass. Good-times… We hop you enjoy watching this wiener-schnitzel scream

Country White Boy Tries Black Dick

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It’s Gonna Hurt is back with another exciting update. Mark has no idea what he got himself into. He wants dick, but he hasn’t had a dick like Izzy’s. Izzy has a foot long cock thats fat like a baseball-bat. Mark was in disbelief once Izzy pulled the dick out. No worries! That didn’t stop Mark from getting what he wanted. He got a whole lot of pain.

Jumbo Pecker Gay Couple in Interracial

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Sky Fairmount and Diamond Prince are sporting some remarkably impressive manhoods, and they’re going to be mixing their chocolate and vanilla together in a great combination. Sky wants to be on the bottom, but not quite in the way that you are expecting. Instead he’s letting Diamond ride that manhood, spreading out his legs and slaming up with as much strength as he can muster. Diamond is grabbing his shaft and stroking it while he’s riding that big white tool, waiting until he’s about to explode to let it go like a hardcore snake.

Naked Kombat: Scott Alexander Vs Jeremy Tyler

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Newcomer Scott Alexander has boxing, kickboxing and wrestling experience. He is going to take down his opponent hard and then fuck him with his big, black dick. Jeremy Tyler, also a rookie to NK but he’s not a rookie to fighting. He wrestles competitively and he will do everything he can to avoid getting fucked. He will rely on his wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitzu training to save his tight, white ass. Two big-dicked muscle men fight for total dominance in a brutal match that ends with a hard fuck and the biggest cum shot in NK history.

Unchained In Redneckville

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Rocco… Is a Big Black Body building dude..who was eager to appear in his first Video ever. He’s "str8"..But you can tell hiding just below his surface…there is a curious, kinky streak… Today.. I just jet the camera roam all over his big, Black, pumped up body…while he plays with his Big Cut cock and fantasizes…and watches straight porn…It surprises me when he starts talking dirty and smacking his own ass….. I can’t tell if that’s an invitation for me to suck it..or not. Soon.. He lays back on the Bed…and shoots his Jizz..everywhere…and then plays in it a little bit.. Big Black is a Dude who kept sending us Dirty messages about wanting to be in a video… You can kinda tell that he has been around the block a time or two..His clip starts off kinda slow… But in the end…He shoots a big load of Jizz all in My face… Brian and Black Joe have been spending alot of time together…So I wasn’t too surprised when Black Joe said he Wanted some of Brian’s fat ass…and Brian agreed. Even though there is a 20+ year age difference between them, it’s still hot to watch them together. Brian gets the older Black Joe ready to fuck…by feeding him his young uncut cock… Once his older black cock is rock hard…Black Joe eases it into Brian’s young ass… He fucks young Brian…till he nuts all over his face… Sam….Is a cocky young Gay boy…appearing in his first video… He’s got a big nice cock and is eager to please.. He sucks on Brian’s Uncut cock till he shoots his load…

White Dude Anally Banged By Ebony Masseur

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This hairy white stud goes for a relaxing massage that is supposed to be just therapeutic with no happy ending. However, he can’t keep the lust out of his eyes when he sees that his masseur for the day is going to be a muscular young ebony dude! He strips completely naked, showing off a tiny white tool to the other guy and noting with satisfaction that the masseur’s face twitches with attraction. He relaxes as the ebony dude kneads his aching muscles, finally reaching down underneath his crotch and starting to stroke his wang! The masseur strips off and the white dude blows in, leading to a steamy 69. Then the white dude gets banged in his anus!