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Raw Domination

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First scene starts with Antonio Biaggi a.k.a. "never disappointing fuck machine" and our newest twink bottom Julius Caesar. But that’s not it as Marco Paris jumps in front of the camera for this one so he can help Antonio to fuck this 5’3" 120 pounds amazing bottom. They even double fuck him and that means 20 inches of raw dicks for this bottom during this fuck fest. Then at the end Marco empties his balls deep inside Caesars ass and Antonio shoots a huge load in his mouth so he can swallow all of it. Mission complete!!! In the next one Antonio fucks our new bottom guy and US military member Antoine Vogt as he begged us to get paired with Antonio and get fucked by him in front of the camera regardless his job.. Watch Antonio ram his monster 11 incher into Antoines big ass and seed him at the end as he begged him to do so. Our new top Damien Vasquez slides his 9 and half inches dick in Lil’ Papi’s ass like a real pro. Watch these two fuck as real chemistry really shows in this scene. Lil Papi as one of our fav bottoms never disappoints. Next scene is all about JD Magic monster 13incher and amazing Kannon’s bubble ass. As you can expect, Kannon gets his lil hole stretched to the max as JD slams his beautiful dick deep inside his hole making him moan. At the end he adds his seed to it as he nuts deep in Kannon’s guts without any warning and keeps fucking until his nut shows around his dick and Kannon’s ass. He said he wouldn’t want to pull out of such a great ass, so he just decided to let it go…That’s hot!!! Our last scene is so intense, you can only expect it from great fucker/breeder Hot Rod with his monster, sliding it this time inside lil Carlito’s ass, making him moan and feel every inch of his huge rod, breeding him at the end as it should be done!!!

The Best Of Thugporn 3

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We’ve chosen 6 of our hottest scenes for this wild, sex-packed fuckfest and we’re sure you’re gonna love each one! Double R takes down Sylk, Lex takes down JT, KB takes down Mr. Sauki, Aaron Ridge takes down Kamrun, Nubius takes down Marcus and Rudy Scott takes down Ocean. Wow, now thats a lot of big black dick those bottom bois have to take!

Pig Out

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Eight uninhibited sex fiends unleash their inner freak in Pig Out, an all new fuck masterpiece from Dark Alley. Brandon Hawk leads the pack of nasty pigs ready to suck rock hard cock, fuck tight raw holes and fist deep inside power bottom Mason Garet. One on one and in hordes of three and four, let the pig play begin!

Chocolate Cherry

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Hey Guys, here’s a video we shot last year on our very first visit to LA. While we were there, we got the chance to hang out with and get to know one of our biggest fans. Aj is a true lover and he tells us that strokes his HUGE beautiful ebony joystick to us every day without fail. He wrote to us all the time asking to be in a video, wanting to top Hunter or me (YES he is a TOP). We explained that if he wanted to do a video with us he would have to bottom. So he reluctantly agreed to be our eager little bottom hottie! Fuck yes it took lots of coaxing massage, wet kisses, sucking on his big beautiful thick cock and eating his sweet tight ass, but he eventually let us into his sweet bubble ass. Much to his credit; he took it like a man Maverick style. After a while he actually LOVED it; he rode me so long and so hard my cock thought it had died and gone to heaven (penis heaven). CHOCOLATE CHERRY is a pretty fucking hot video, if I do say so myself. There are several scenes that are drippy HOT and not to be missed. We loved what a passionate kisser Aj was. Mmm mmm, his hot wet mouth, big dick, pillow lips, and big delicious ass was the perfect way to spend the day. You will love his moans and groans as Hunter and I show him a great time, we really do fuck him deep. We were eventually covered in sweat and cum and I think after watching this one, you will be, too.