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Hello itsgonnahurt fans. This week we brought in this cat Parker Wright. Parker might have been the wrong guy for the job though. He was scared, frazzled and everything you don”t wanna be going into a shoot like this. He managed to squeal his way through the pain with plenty of breaks and ended up with a hot juicy load on his face after his savage asshole pounding. After all the sites not called its gonna be fun. This is and we don’t fuck around here! Later bitches!

Roy Gets Some Man Hole!

Daddy Roy might be new to all of this but he’s the kind of guy who just doesn’t give a rats ass who he’s sticking his cock into as long as he gets himself off. He gets some sucking and when some ass is offered he doesn’t hesitate. Turns out a guys ass is better than a $20 whore, but then anyone could have told him that.

Roy Gets Some Man Hole! gay porn interracial pictures

Joe Has Hung Straight Eric Wanting More

Straight jock dude Eric gets a special treat from cock gobbler Joe in the woods, although both the guys really get something special in this one. It’s all about that massive meat being sucked deep as Joe gobbles on that huge cock and shows the straight guy how skilled he is. It’s amazing that he can get all that cock in his throat, but it seems he wants it up his ass too.

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Richard Gets His Dick Sucked

So many straight guys realize what a real blowjob feels like when they get a cock sucking from another guy for the first time, and cubby guy Richard is one of those just finding out how good it feels in his first solo. Joe goes in for a taste, and surprisingly the horny amateur guy doesn’t mind feeding him his hard dick.

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Hung Straight Dude Eric Gets Fucked!

We love seeing hung Eric sharing his big pink meat with other guys, but it’s totally hot to see him getting that tight smooth ass fucked! The guys are out on the ocean, enjoying the cruise, getting some dick out in the sun and sharing some sucking and cock frot on the balcony, then it’s time for Eric to give Joe his hole and take that dark meat deep. Joe fucks him good all over the bed and gets a tasty load pumped out in his face, a great reward that has him jerking his juice out too!

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Submitting To His Big Black Muscle Cock!

Submitting To His Big Black Muscle Cock! gay black thugs pictures

When confronted by a massively powerful black hunk like this it’s no surprise our handsome and fit young bottom can’t say no. Sucking on his big pierced dong is only the start, soon the young stud is licking those balls as he jerks himself off and then gets that length deep in his ass too! He takes a hard and pounding fuck from that massive powerful man, jerking out his jizz and then getting a splashing from the studs dick too. There’s definitely something so hot about being used by a muscle man!

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Blowing Two Hung Str8 Boys

Randall and Blaze make a delicious meal for any hungry cock sucker, and Joe is the lucky one getting to feast on those lengthy and thick inches of cock as he goes from one to the other, then rubbing their dicks together in his face to get those hot cum loads ready for him. He gets his delicious reward at the end!

Blowing Two Hung Str8 Boys gay porn interracial pictures

Dungeon Lust – JP Richards & Caleb King

In the dungeon, no one is safe from the wrath of Caleb King. This time, JP Richards is on the receiving end. Blindfolded and bound, JP doesn’t know what or who will be doling out punishment today, but he knows he’ll likely have to deal with a seriously angry cock. Caleb enters, gives JP one look up and down, and commences with a regimen of harsh treatment. Caleb employs the use of nipple tweaking, in combination with some deep, passionate kissing. JP knows this is part of the routine, but the blindfold has him totally in the dark and unable to anticipate what this madman might do next. When Caleb feels his prisoner is ready, he pulls off JP’s blindfold and shoves his own pulsating cock into JP’s mouth. JP goes with the program, taking the hard shaft into his throat, sucking, slurping and licking when appropriate. He certainly doesn’t want this guy any more pissed off than he is. Caleb decides to have JP lie down so he can taste his asshole. The experience turns Caleb to thinking about going a step further. After some good ass eating, Caleb stands up and shoves his thick boner into JP’s tight hole. JP takes the ramming on his back for a while before Caleb lets him turn around for more punishment. After some good fucking, Caleb decides he’d like JP to taste his ass. JP follows the instruction and licks Caleb’s hole. JP isn’t bad at this, so Caleb rewards him by allowing him to fuck his ass. This is one hot dungeon encounter that’ll give you pleasant nightmares for some time to cum.

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Snap Happy – Jordano Santoro & Trent B

When Jordano Santoro discovered he’d be sharing a room with Trent, he was a bit nervous. You see, they’re on vacation in Cancun with a group of their friends and Jordano knows Trent to be something of a pervert. Trent was caught on the last trip, jerking off while watching another friend nap.
Sure enough, while Jordano sleeps, on the very first day of the trip, Trent pulls out his camera and begins snapping pictures of a naked, sleeping Jordano. But Jordano isn’t really asleep, he’s only pretending. As Trent pulls down the covers to get a better shot of Jordano’s plump, sexy ass cheeks, Jordano decides to just go with it.
He writhes around as Trent takes pictures, signaling that he likes what’s unfolding here. Trent picks up on the signals and offers Jordano a taste of his massive cock. Jordano accepts the offer with both lips and slurps down deep on that meaty dick. It gets harder in his mouth and Jordano positions himself so Trent can jerk him off while he sucks.
After some of this, Trent turns his friend over to sample his sweet, tight hole. He rims him good in preparation for the next step. Watch Jordano go all the way with his friend, taking his big, hard erection into his ass. First, Jordano rides it, then Trent lays him on the bed and continues to pound him. Join them until the end, when Jordano erupts while being fucked. It’s a crazy, impromptu, wild adventure. It just goes to show that anything can happen when you’re on Summer vacation in a tropical locale.

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Trent B

This is Trent, and you’re lucky enough to have been invited into his sex lair. Today, the two of you are alone and as you show up, Trent happens to be checking out the view from his suite, using a pair of high powered binoculars. As you enter, he senses your presence and disrobes. He begins by touching himself all over. He hopes you like what you see. His huge cock becomes slowly fattened and stiff. Once ready, Trent lays on his bed, letting you watch him as he tugs his hard cock up and down. You move around him, looking at his strong shoulders, sexy feet, and muscular legs. Trent likes it when you watch. Please, keep him company while he pleasures himself. He’ll reward you handsomely.

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Blaze Rides A Raw Dick!

Sexy Blaze is always ready to share his cock, and after some swapped sucking he takes things further and slides his tight str8 boy ass down on a raw length of big black cock, riding it like a pro, then laying back to take a fucking from Joe. It definitely helps him to get that load pumping out, delivering a big facial to finish!

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