Butthole Mashing

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Butthole Mashing gay porn interracial  pictures

So this week on Itsgonnahurt.com we put another white dudes asshole through a savage pounding from Castro Supreme’s monster cock. Castro comes work to crack asses in half for all of your entertainment. Christopher Daniels came here to try something new and exciting. I guess his idea of exciting is getting his asshole smashed up. Cum all who dare. Castro’s got enough to go around for seconds and thirds.

Can You Smell What The Rock Is Sucking!

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Can You Smell What The Rock Is Sucking! gay porn interracial  pictures

Can you Smell what The Rock is Sucking! This week on itsgonnahurt we brought in The Rock who is this big jacked gay dude that always fantasized about taking a big black dick in the ass. He was kinda scared but handles him self well. I was glad to because it would have been scary to see this huge dude crying and screaming! LOL… Good shoot here… you don’t want to miss it.

Whore And Boots

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Whore And Boots gay interracial videos  pictures

Hot interracial bareback fucking and sucking for your enjoyment!

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Clayton Was Scared!

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Clayton Was Scared! gay porn interracial  pictures

LOL… I always think it’s funny when people cum to take Castro’s Dick in there ass. There facial expressions say it all. This guy Clayton came to us and during the beginning of the shoot he was literally shaking. I would assume he was scared but you never know he could have been penis withdrawals or some shit like that. You just never know with some of these sick fuckers. Cum watch Castro gut this fool!

The Big Hurt

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The Big Hurt gay porn interracial  pictures

Hey peeps! We got another itsgonnahurt for ya. This guy Daniel gets his shit pushed in pretty good. I think he was crying at one point during his asshole destruction. Castro didn’t mind his soft lips on his massive meat hanger. Cum watch Castro destroy another little white dude!

Web Of Lies

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What a tangled web we weave when we try to suck and fuck every cock in sight. These boys don`t know when to stop.

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Bedtime Story – Astengo & Ramsees

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Bedtime Story   Astengo & Ramsees wild black sex  pictures
The two men lay perpendickular to each other, in separate beds. Both were having trouble falling asleep. Ramsees was now stroking his cock and watching porn on his cell phone. Astengo heard the sheets moving on Astengo’s bed so he lifted his head and looked over. Ramsees luscious erection called to him. Astengo boarded his roommates bed and planted his lips around Ramsees’s throbbing beast. Ramsees thrust upward into Astengo’s warm mouth. The feeling was good. Very good. After this face fucking for a while, Astengo positioned himself to allow Ramsees to penetrate his tight asshole with that enormous cock. Ramsees pounded the sweet hole, feeling shivers run all over his nude body. Astengo enjoyed the feeling of being rammed without inhibition by his sexy roomie. Join the two as they turn a restless night into a smoldering evening of passion.

Morning Fuck – PD Fox & Jin Powers

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Morning Fuck   PD Fox & Jin Powers wild black sex  pictures
Jin Powers likes to start his mornings off proper: by tugging and sucking his man’s enormous cock. PD Fox is still sleeping when Jin rouses from slumber. As Jin rubs PD’s growing erection, PD comes to his senses and is pleasantly surprised. Jin pulls down his underwear and jacks his own large dong as he slobs PD’s long, strong dick. It’s amazing how much of PD’s gigantic erection Jin can take. And he sure takes it deep. PD definitely likes a warm mouth around his throbbing beast in the morning. He climbs on top of Jin, positioning his dick for some nice, smooth face fucking. Then it’s time for PD to get inside that ass. Jin needs some good, hard pounding in the morning to get himself ready to face the world. Check out PD’s lean, powerful ass tighten and release as he thrusts his swollen dong into Jin over and over. He’s slamming that sweet hole hard, and before the two sit down for OJ and eggs, both guys are blowing off serious loads.


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Pillow Pals – Kiern Duecan & Damian Brooks & Zane West A

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Pillow Pals   Kiern Duecan & Damian Brooks & Zane West A wild black sex  pictures
They’re not just friends, they’re pillow pals! Kiern Duecan and Zane West have taken up Damian Brooks on his offer of a fun sleepover at his place. Damian just fitted his bed with some fine Egyptian Cotton sheets and the boys are eager to enjoy them. But while Kiern and Zane take a nap, Damian is plotting a sabotage. He quietly positions himself, then unloads a barrage of pillow whacks! Kiern and Zane defend themselves at first, then retaliate! Join the fun, then stick around to see what happens when Kiern grabs Damian and pulls him close for a kiss! Zane is getting into the mix too. In fact, Kiern and Zane decide to let Damian have both of their hard, pulsating dicks in his face at the same time, while the two make out. Then Damian and Zane take turns slurping Kiern’s huge cock. And the pillow party’s not over until Zane and Damian get a little revenge…by fucking Damian’s sweet ass. Join them as they take turns pounding their mischievous host. It’s a good time from start to explosive finish.